When you look back on your life in a conceptual way, it's easy to realize life is bunched up in little moments. Every moment helps build this story of who we are and what we love. Your love is real. It's unscripted. It's beautiful, ugly, crazy, loud, quiet and everything in between. But it's yours, and it deserves to be documented and portrayed how it truly is. Your love is on fire, and your photos should be too. We're so stoked to work with you and create something amazing together.

We're appreciative for all the small things in life. We definitely do not take ourselves too seriously, lol we may end up on the dance floor at some point during your wedding! We're the type of people that sit in an In-N-Out parking lot listening to music or watching the office and laughing about some of the weirdest stuff. We firmly believe nature and creation can have a huge affect on a person. We love being outdoors, being close to the coast or the mountains. And most recently, our greatest little love is our bundle of happiness we were able to bring into this world, Indy.

About Us.


Our style is focused on real moments. If you want some posed, staged, fake version of love in your photos, then we are not the right fit for you. And we believe you deserve to hire a photographer who will fit what exactly you want. With us you are not going to get a day of posing, or staged "give me a fake laugh." To be honest, we used to be those photographers. But we soon realized that is not what love is. It's not scripted, posed, or fake like in the movies-its way better than that. It's real, it's intimate, it's that thing that makes your heart beat the hardest. After realizing that, we've changed the way we shoot and our results have changed. Couples have more fun, and they leave our shoot feeling confident and more in love than they started. We invest heavily in our couples on the day of our shoot. Our priority is becoming friends, so we can break down awkwardness, so you can then reveal who you two really are. That doesn't mean that we expect those we create with to know exactly what to do on the shoot day. Being in front of a camera is intimidating and can be uncomfortable. We know! We've been there! And so many times couples start the shoot by saying "sorry we're super awkward and hate getting our photo taken" but then leave feeling like a different person.



I was born and raised in California.

If I could be by the coast every minute of my life I would. There's something about it that makes a person feel present and calm. Of course that makes it my favorite spot to shoot too!

I am a wedding, portrait and commercial photographer. I've had the privilege of documenting love for the past four years. Human connection is special to me. I love being able to share moments of a couple that tell their story.

I've been married to Tyra for almost five years now and have loved every single minute. Marriage is literally the best thing ever invented. Every love story is a wild unique one filled with laughs, tears, times of joy and times of struggles, but being married to your best friend makes every moment worth it. I think the life I have with Tyra is what inspires me to have the desire to find and capture real love. A lot of the emotion I try and capture is inspired from what I feel for Ty.


I was born in Massachusetts and am currently living in northern

California with my besties, Dom and Indy!

I'm always up for an adventure, especially involving anywhere by the coast. Smoothie bowls are my jam and

I definitely have developed an obsession

with houseplants (thanks rona).

When I'm not on shoots or editing photos, I'm usually in sweats,

with crazy hair, dancing to 'Hawaiian roller coaster ride'

and chasing my baby girl (aka Dom's mini) around the house.

I'm all about those special moments in life.

Photography has always been a passion Dom and I

have shared throughout our entire relationship.

And being able to be apart of documenting emotions shared

in a moment in time is something I live for.